What's Covered?

Currently, Obsidian Essentials is split into five modules:

  • 👋 Introduction: Key points about markdown and how to think about what PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) means for your workflows.
  • 💪🏻 Foundations: Building your Obsidian Vault from the ground up. In-Depth Core Plugin Coverage, Critical Settings, and Data Backup Strategies.
  • 💫 Core Concepts: Practical use cases for Knowledge Networking, Daily Notes, Obsidian Canvas, and Task Management and how to make them all work together.
  • 🖌️ Customization (Advanced): Exploring Obsidian hotkeys, CSS styling, themes, and the most recommended community plugins (with minimal setup).
  • ☄️ Beyond: What Comes Next™

Where Can I Read It?

Download Obsidian Essentials from our store 👇🏻

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What Do I Get?

  • 🚀 Updates for Life: Obsidian Essentials will be regularly updated. All updates are free.
  • 🌟 Universal Device Support: Download comes with device specific EPUB files for Apple, Google, Kindle, Kobo, and Nook devices.
  • 🤝🏻 Crowdsourced Content Priority: Request what you'd like to read next on our public roadmap. The more votes, the more likelihood I'll include it in a new or existing chapter, depending on the depth. Existing book owners get a priority bump, just use the same email you used to purchase when requesting new content.

Sample covers up to the Initial Setup

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