Introducing Toodles, a task management app for iOS that I built myself over the last three months with little to no experience.


What began as a small project designed to introduce me to the wonderful world of Apple's Development Ecosystem ended up unexpectedly scaling, and is now a full featured app, available on the App Store, and ready for the world.

Since I launched last Monday, it's quickly garnered over 700 downloads, ranked #181 on the Free Productivity Apps in Canada, and has already been featured on Pocket-lint! Needless to say, it's become a bit of an overnight success, and I'm excited as to where I can take it from here.

Rather than plague you with all of the details, I've laid them out fairly well with accompanying videos on the landing page. You can also follow me on Threads, where I've been cataloguing my development journey since the beginning.

Building the app this way– implementing successive, rapid changes based on online discussion, has been incredibly rewarding, and is truly what Product is all about.

Toodles is still new, and there's a lot to do. While I focus on some minor updates for 1.1, I'd love for you to give a go and let me know what you think works, and what doesn't. I've received some extremely positive feedback thus far, but considering the quality of the viewership here, I think the app might greatly benefit from your eyes as well.

I'm greatly looking forward to iterating on Toodles with you all in mind 🎉

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