Continuing on my Workspace Update from earlier, I'm going to walk you through augmenting the iOS Shortcut in two ways: Adding support for clipping web content as well as bookmarking podcasts. While these two actions are bit more involved, the shortcut itself takes out practically all the heavy lifting. Overall, we're continuing to work towards the same concept as before, that is, using my phone to capture anything, quickly.

For Supporters and Patrons, I will be sharing all related files in an upcoming Discord server for easy access. Of course, everything is shared below regardless. More info to come.

Getting Started

  • Drafts: If you're coming from my previous article, you'll know that we're passing everything to Drafts in order to quickly sync content to Obsidian.
  • Overcast: Alternatively, any podcast app that allows you to save a clipping to a file on your device. The reason being is that we're going to run a separate shortcut against the actual file.
  • OpenAI Key: While not absolutely necessary, we'll need it to transcribe any potential podcast clippings through Whisper. Transcription is a bit of an "extra feature here", as the Shortcut on it's own will allow for some more standard bookmarking, with timestamps.